iPad Innovation — Enhance This!

Want a peak at the future of publishing? So-called “enhanced E-books” have publishers running scared, and for good reason — if this is the kind of “living magazine” we can anticipate on our iPad’s, who is going to read a traditional magazine again?

This new form of media is bound to cause some ripples and help define “digital book” or “digital magazine.” These are, literally, moving pictures. (The content happens to be adult sex fears — go figure!)

And here’s how an article inside a “living magazine” might look.

Paper publishing may have something to fear, but the trees are sure smiling.

  1. These are really interesting and I hadn’t seen them so thanks for the intro! However, I’m not sure I actually LIKE them. I’m suspicious of how good — or how long — the content can actually be. Long lag time between the Hed / Subhed and the content too. Does this make me old media?!

    Maybe it would be a great format, writing wise, in the hands of a new media Ira Glass…

    • Mike Jackson
    • April 9th, 2010

    I think we’re looking at the invention of a new medium… but I don’t think it’s going to kill the older print (and web) media. This kind of setup looks gorgeous, but the amount of work required to create even a single article is substantial. One person can write an article very quickly, but it requires a lot more person-hours to make something like this. That makes it expensive, and not practical for stories that require a quick turn-around. So things like newspapers can’t ever really go this route. But where I think we’ll see it be tremendously successful is things like fashion magazines – where the shelf-life is longer, and glitzy graphic design is already a big part of the product.

    My friend Spider Robinson has said for year that any electronic book has to meet the three Bs – You have to be able to read it on the Bus, in Bed, and in the Bath. We now have two out of three…

    • Neal Houslanger
    • April 10th, 2010

    Love your blog. Ironically the media in this blog will not play on the Ipad, since it does not yet support “Flash”. I’m told there is fix in the works. In the meantime being an early adopter still has it’s advantages. I’m considering canceling my newspaper delivery because the photos, print and articles are more clear on the IPad. Besides I don’t have to wash the fingerprints off the counter when done reading the paper.
    Keep the blog going!

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