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Industry Leadership

Robert Dowling (former publisher of the Hollywood Reporter) posted a thoughtful piece on “Where the Trade Papers Went Wrong“.

Here’s my response:

Well said! It’s refreshing to read a treatise on the state of the industry that is infused with a sense of optimism instead of doom.

The film business is more global than ever — in terms of the filmmakers breaking through (Neill Blomkamp, Fede Alvarez–the Uruguayan director of Panic Attack!), the types of stories getting made (District 9 took place in South Africa and didn’t have an American in it) and the multi-national nature of the audience (Avatar box office to date: $435 million domestic, but more than double that internationally — $910 million).

The industry needs leadership across-the-board and not just from the industry trades, but also from the filmmakers, producers, managers, agents and members of the creative community who scout, cultivate, develop, break, manage and advocate for or express their talent across the entire spectrum of the business.

The traditional film model is too expensive, too time-consuming and has too high barriers to getting great, original and compelling content made. More A-list directors, producers, studios and financiers who make movies have to embrace and support a new wave of talent creating content differently, more cost-effectively and in non-traditional platforms like the web and new media. And they have to figure out new ways to capitalize, monetize and distribute that content across the multiple platforms where audiences consume it.

How are we as creators and as an industry going to respond to content being “everywhere, instantaneous and free”?

It’s our reality, whether we believe it or not. It’s upon us. It’s real. And it’s now.

Welcome to the future.