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Dennis Hopper’s Playmobil Doppelgänger

Dennis Hopper apparently has a Playmobil doppelgänger. My daughter perceptively pointed out the similarity between her brother’s new toy and Hopper’s picture, which appeared in today’s LA Times.

The resemblance is uncanny, right down to his mustache and herringbone driving cap.

Hopper was being awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Congratulations to him and good luck, as it also mentioned he’s fighting prostate cancer.

In case you’re wondering, Playmobil’s new EASY RIDER commemorative play set also includes Peter Fonda decked out in Stars & Stripes biker regalia and a small plastic rucksack filled with conspicuous substances.

Playmobil, which has always been cool, is clearly getting extremely progressive — or retro. Or both. Can’t wait to see their rendition of Jack Nicholson. I think it comes with a pair of floor seats to the Lakers.